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Here you can talk about the best TV show EVER created!

If you don't like anything about the show, you've clearly clicked on the wrong place. Pls don't join, I'm sure that there is a community out there that opens its doors for anti-oc.
BUT if you do love the show, cast, crew and everything about The OC: you've come to the right place.

Rules and Regulations:-

1- This community is new, so please no bashing and be nice.

2- If you'd like to bring forward a suggestion or would like to help with this community, post away.
p.s: I am looking for several active assistants to, well "assist" me on my OC expedition/quest for OC knowledge and/or some OC-recruitment.
Feel free to let me know.

3- If you are very conservative or easily offended PLEASE do not join this community because I will not censor what the people are going to say (eg: sex, foul languages, etc). Even so, there may be the occasional topics about sex and/or the male casts private bits, etc. I really do not like to hear other members complain about how childish and or immature some of the others are. SO do us a favour, don't join.

4- This is a very open community, so please be nice and don't be cruel/mean to each other. Respect each other and do help one another if you can.

5- Advertising is allowed. But please post ONLY once.

6- If you have chosen to join, please introduce yourself with the following info:-

Fave Episode and Why?
Fave Character and Why?

Thank you for your time.
Post away.

Please promote the community, there is array of banners that you can use
(Courtesy of our former Assistant Moderator, x_____brandi):-

(Courtesy of fellow Assistant Moderator, sarahwarah188)



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